I got these Chi chi palettes for Christmas🎄and i have been using them so often so I felt compelled to tell you guys about them!! You can find them in the link down below or in Target Australia. I believe they cost $29.95 each.


Ill start with the prettiest looking one of the bunch which is the immaculate ombre blush collection. This palette is the one that always stand out when i show these palettes to my friends. I think it is due to its ombre effect in the middle column. I think it’s a clever idea honestly. Its pretty unique and definitely catches ones attention. Good job chi chi!! 👍🏼👍🏼


The box also feels nice. The magnetic flap that holds it closed is pretty strong💪. Sometimes magnets like this don’t work very well at holding the box closed but this gets the job done! The packaging on the outside is stunning as well don’t you think?! 😍


Okay now to the actual review of the product. Only 3 of the blushes are actually matte. I see a little bit of ✨shimmer✨ in mine but im not sure if that’s due to the transfer from the others. The matte blushes are Grace, Lauren and Rita. The rest of the palette consists of shimmery blushes. I don’t actually mind shimmer in my blushes but if you do then you might not like this palette! Im also going to mention this. 💝HOW PRETTY ARE THE SHADE NAMES?💝 Such lovely sweet names!! Perfect for these blushes that will leave you looking naturally flushed.


As you can see the swatches are super pigmented!! These are powder blushes so they are a little bit powdery and there is a fair bit of kick back when applying it but its nothing that bothers me terribly.


Theres a good variety in this palette I think! Its certainly lacking certain blush colours but I could definitely work with this palette. The one thing that saddens me a little is that if you try to mix the ombre colours to apply you’ll most likely lose that effect 😭😭. If you just want to use either end of the ombre then you should be fine but I mean… is the ombre meant to be mixed? 🤔 That what I thought and so that’s what I do whenever I use it.

I use a blush brush from real techniques to apply these blushes but im sure the stippling brush would work equally as great!

Stay tuned for reviews on the other two palettes!

This palette can be found here.

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