After reviewing and talking about the Tomatox 🍅  mask I had to talk about the Appletox 🍏as well. They are so cute together and are basically a set anyways. If you haven’t read the Tomatox 🍅 review read it here.


The Appletox 🍏 is not just an ordinary mask. It’s a smooth massage peeling cream! That’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it? 😂 It claims to massage, moisturise and exfoliate. Setting high standards there Tony Moly! 👌 👌 It contains fresh green apple extract🍏 which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and keratin to moisturise the skin ( so basically what it claims to do). Pectin, which is the main ingredient in apples 🍏 🍎 , help to sort out big pores. The vitamins in the apple 🍏 🍎 help prevent freckles and aging skin due to it composing collagen and restraining the creation of melanin.


It doesn’t tingle as much as the Tomatox 🍅  mask but there is a very, very slight tingle to it. Not much though.

Truth be told, its not the best exfoliator only because I like ones that are a little harsher. The ones that have bits of sugar in them are my favourite and those are slightly on the harsher side of things I believe. This does however, works as a gentle exfoliator so if you have sensitive skin or anything like  that then you’ll love 💖 this mask! It also provides my face with a certain 🌟 glow 🌟that is different from the Tomatox 🍅 mask. This mask makes my skin somehow 🌟 glow 🌟 like an apple 🍏 🍎 if that makes sense.

It’s a healthy kind of 🌟 glow 🌟 whereas the Tomatox 🍅 mask brightens the skin in terms of whitening. This mask definitely moisturises the skin and it leaves my skin feeling great. In terms of the redness on my face I feel like the Tomatox 🍅 mask does a better job at toning it down but this mask leaves my skin glowing and soft. It doesn’t really peel how you expect it to but if you rub bits of it off it sort of rubs off like lint.


It also smells AMAZING😍. If you love the smell of apples 🍏 🍎 then you’ll love this as much as I do. It smells heavenly!!💕


I usually use this mask at night🌛 and also around once a week but you can use it up to 3 times a week if needed to. It isn’t as thick as the tomato🍅 mask but it is very creamy. I use this after I cleanse and before I tone, same as the Tomatox 🍅mask. If you want more information, feel free to check back on the other post. I massage this mask into my skin for a minute or two and leave it on for around 15 – 30 mins until I see its visibly drier than when I applied it. I then use my fingers to rub it off a little to see bits of what they claim is keratin. I just rub my face with the mask on and little bit of lint like bits will form. I then use the same body shop flannel to remove it and continue with the rest of my skincare routine. 💦


The apple can also be used as a jewellery holder or for you to put in your bobby pins etc like the tomato container!

photo-28-2-17-4-17-12-pm-1I hope you enjoyed this review as well and I would recommend you give it a shot!

The mask can be found here.


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