Ive been a Colourpop addict since October and I have been collecting all the liquid lipsticks 💄 since then. 🙊  I also collect their highlighters. 😝 So keep your eye out for more swatches in the future. You can count on that for sure! 👍


Colourpop currently ha 12 metallic lips💄 . This is not including the metallic glosses of course. I believe some of them are on sale or even discontinued but I thought id swatch them all so if you manage to purchase one from someone you’ll know what they look like!


The shades they currently have are : DM, Maneater, Zebra, 3-way, Kween, Mugshot, Surprise, Salt, PYT, Lights out, JIC and Flitter. I will insert some swatches later in this post.

Colourpop claims that their ultra metallic lips 💄 are

  • A super intense metalized liquid lipstick 💄  – with high impact metallic pearls.
  • Non drying
  • Luxurious and smooth
  • Super comfortable on the lips💋.
  • Not transfer resistant but long wearing.


They also recommend for you to exfoliate your lips💋 before applying any of their liquid lipstick💄 .




I do love their metallic lips💄. My favourite shades being Kween and Mugshot. As you can see with the swatches, all of the shades look lovely on my arm but on my lips some doesn’t appear as opaque, especially the lighter colours. If you wanted to wear the lighter metallic lips💄 by themselves, you may still be able to see your lip💋colour popping through. However, I think it would make an amazing lip topper for a special event perhaps or a Halloween look or anything cool like that. These liquid lips💄 have an almost mousey texture.. I think some would call this consistency a lip cream. Its definitely a little thicker. I know some people complain that their tube came half empty but I believe that it is due to the product being a bit heavier as Colourpop packages their products by weight⚖️ .



In terms of how they feel on the lips💋.. They are definitely very comfortable. The darker colours are quite pigmented which I love. I found 3-way a little bit streaky in places and the pigmentation wasn’t even all over but maybe I just got a dud cause I know of people who swear by this shade🤔.




Theses liquid lips💄 feel very soft and comfortable on the lips💋. They are definitely non drying. They are  not transfer proof but they do last awhile. I notice with Colourpop lipsticks💄 if you eat something with a little bit of oil 🍔 , as most foods do, they do tend to come off easier. But if youre eating a sandwich🍞 or something like that it might not come off as easily.


The doe foot applicator of these lips varied which was really weird but I have heard of Colourpop changing their doe foot applicators depending on which batch you’ve gotten. The fluffier doe foot applicators were harder to apply with as I couldn’t really get a sharp 🔪 line around the lips 💋 but the other applicator was much easier.


I would definitely recommend you give their metallic lips💄 a try. I personally think that a metallic lip💄 would be such a pretty addiction to your makeup collection. They make your lips 💋 look so luxurious and will definitely make your lips stand out✨.

Colourpops metallic lips 💄 can be found here.


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