The next Chi Chi palette im going to talk about from the trio is the beauty on the go palette. This palette is also $29.95.


I love bringing this palette with me on the go (the name is so fitting!🤣). It contains the essentials and basics that one needs when they travel🛫. It definitely helps with my packing.. I don’t have to bring as many separate items considering all of them are compressed into this one palette 💕.

photo-7-3-17-11-44-48-am (1).jpg

This palette consists of :

  • An eye base
  • An eye lid colour
  • A crease colour
  • 1 corrector
  • 1 bronzer
  • 2 highlighters
  • 3 blushes


The packaging of this is similar to the one of the the immaculate ombre blush collection. If you haven’t read the review and swatches of that palette click here to read it! The packaging of the box has the same design again but is of a different colour. Still in love❤️ with the design of the palette and the magnetic flap is as sturdy as ever! All the powders in this palette are super smooth and soft. Again with this palette there is some kickback but the product themselves are absolutely beautiful! 😍


I love the eyeshadows that come with this palette. The only thing I would say is there isn’t a matte shadow for the crease. Instead, it is a ✨shimmery✨ shade. The shadows are all very pigmented nonetheless! The eye base works very well for my skin tone and both the eye lid colour and crease colour work really well to make a nice bronzey look. I have moments where I don’t mind a shimmery crease but I would’ve preferred if it had a matte shadow for the crease instead😊.


Im not hugely into correctors but this corrector shade is easy to blend and not chalky under the eyes. The bronzer has some 🌟glitter🌟 in it (not too much though!) so if youre into fully matte bronzers you might or might not like this one😕. The glitter isn’t everywhere so its not super glittery but there is specks of glitter in there.


The highlighters are SO, SO beautiful 😍😍😍. Chi chi makes the most beautiful highlighters. I love their highlighters so much and ill show you more of them in my next Chi chi post. ( im saving the best palette for last from this trio😉 ) They are super pigmented and makes your cheekbones look so glowy I just cant! 🤗 🤗

photo-7-3-17-11-44-48-am (1)

Last but not least the blushes. In my last Chi chi review I talked about the blush palette and as you could see there the blushes are nothing but stunning and they’re not any different in this palette. This palette has that one blush that is a little bit purply that they didn’t have in the other palette so I like the blush options they’re giving in this palette👍🏻👍🏻. Its good to have options even when youre travelling🛫 !

Any brushes would work well with this palette and you will definitely have no problem with the pigmentation.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my posts so far! 😄 😄

This palette can be found here or at your local Australia target or Myer .

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