Last but not least is this beautiful highlighter palette. This is definitely my favourite out of the bunch.. basically because im a GIANT highlighter junkie! ❤️✨ ❤️✨


The packaging is the same as the others really. I feel like ive talked about them way too much. If you’re interested in the two✌️ previous chi chi palette posts click here to read about the blush palette and here to read about the beauty on the go palette. The magnetic flap is as study on this one as the other two and I dont have anything negative to say about the design on the packaging really. 😋😋

I usually use it over my Colourpop highlighter and my friends always tell me my highlight is on point. Swatches of the Colourpop highlighters need to happen i think. 😜


This highlighter palette is soooo pretty. The pigmentation is more than i can ever ask for. 👍 👍 Another thing i love ❤️❤️ about this palette is the range of colours. They have lighter highlighters for people with lighter skin tones and darker ones for people with darker skin tones.


Again with these powders they do have a bit of kickback and the highlighters are on the powdery side. So if you like more cream highlighters then you might not like this one. It is not chalky or powdery at all on the cheeks 😊 though.


The names are just out of this world!!🌎🌎 (get it? yeah its pretty lame i know😢) I love how they chose to go with a planet theme. I think thats really unique for a highlighter palette. Adds a little bit of a mysterious vibe to it in my opinion.


I would definitely say get this palette. Ive been using it since i got it in December!

This palette can be found here.

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