The urban decay vice 2 palette is the perfect palette if you want some fun colours. It also has some neutrals in case you want something a little bit simpler for the day. It is a very versatile palette.


Some shades are more pigmented than others but I believe you can use the sheerer ones as an eyeshadow topper perhaps?Β πŸ€”


You can definitely create many makeup looks with this palette. The design of the packaging is also so unique and pretty. According to urban decay, the design has been applied by water transfer so no two palettes are alike.


The first row consists of :

Smokeout – Taupe-y black

Lovesick – Black with micro glitter

Shellshock – Metallic Silver

Coax – Metallic pink

X-rated – Baby pink

Out of these 5 shades, 3 of them have glitter in them while 2 of them are of a satin finish. Smokeout and x-rated are the shadows that have the satin finish.



The second row consists of :

Prank – Navy with a turquoise pearlescent

Madness – Metallic teal blue

Strike – Gold shimmer

Stash – Deep olive green shimmer

Poison – Charcoal with micro sparkle

These 5 shades all have a little bit of glitter/sparkle in them.. some more than others.



The third row consists of:

Radar – Metallic brown with micro sparkle

Damaged – Metallic emerald

Voodoo – Metallic purple

Betrayal – Purple with blue shift

Derailed – Dark grey metallic

Only betrayal is of a satin formula among these 5 shades.



The fourth and final row consists of:

Dope – Champagne

Toxic – Metallic copper

Habit – Nude

Ambush – Metallic brown

Rewind – Β Medium brown

This row is probably my favourite as it consists of some beautiful neutral shades for everyday where. Among these 5, habit and rewind are matte shades whereas ambush is of a satin formula.


All these shadows are very very soft to the touch as I was swatching. Some shades like I said were more pigmented than others.. the one I felt like had a little bit less pigmentation compared to others were the one with chunkier glitters in them.

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