This luxurious palette is so pretty to look at and the outer packaging is so stunning!


It consists of 5 lovely shades. A nice base colour, 3 pinky peach shades and a dark brown shade. The base shade matches really well with my skin tone so you cant see it that well. As you can probably tell, the brown shade was a bit harder to blend but the rest were absolutely beautiful.

I love these colours. I feel like this palette is a very nice everyday eyeshadow palette. The shades would be lovely for everyday wear.


The only thing i dont like so much about this palette is how the shades are all together so when you use it and it kicks up a bit of powder, it goes everywhere. I think the design is gorgeous and certainly very unique but i feel like it isnt very practical. You just have to be very careful when using this palette.

Besides that, the shadows themselves are buildable and are really pretty on the eyes. I cannot stress enough about how much i love these rosey colours!!

Id definitely recommend you give them a try. Just be careful when using the different shades.

This palette can be found here.


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