I read this article awhile back i think from Buzzfeed regarding Urban Decay Naked Palette rip offs or dupes and one of them was the BYS nude palette! BYS has also released a Nude 2 and 3 Palette, like the Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3.

To be fair i think they compared the BYS Nude 2 to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette but i figured hey! Why not compare what i have? So hope you enjoy content like this!

Okay so lets start with the individual palettes themselves..

Lets look at the BYS Nude palette first.

The shade range is very beautiful. Theres a good mix of mattes and shimmers. I think the shimmers are so pigmented and they look gorgeous on the eyes. The mattes are fairly decent as well. According to the BYS website, this palette is a mixture of 12 metallic and matte shades. The packaging of this palette is a little bit tacky compared to the Naked palette but it is good enough for me personally. It contains a mirror and it closes securely which is great.

The next palette is the Urban Decay Naked palette. This is the first of the naked palettes.

This palette is a staple for many people. People love this palette and for obvious reason. The shadows are of beautiful quality and the shades they provide are so versatile and can be used for many different looks! It is said that this palette consists of shimmer/ metallic, satin and matte shades. There are also 12 shades in this palette. I feel like the packaging of this palette is of a higher quality but im not a huge fan of the velvety feel of this packaging. I feel like thats the general view on it and thats why they changed the packaging of the Naked 2 and the Naked 3.
Now for the fun part!! The comparisons.

Lets start with the light shades. As you can see, the shades arent very similar. The only shade that seems remotely similar are vogue and sidecar. The rest of the shades do not seem very similar.
Next, the darker shades…

Now with these i feel like there are more similarities. Some of the shades, light and dark, are sort of the same colour but they have slightly different undertone. For example, Smog has somewhat of a green undertone to it but Chic does not.
Overall, both shadows are nice and pigmented. Very soft shadows. If anything, the Urban Decay one is softer then the BYS one which makes sense since the Naked palette is pricier. The Urban Decay shadows are more softer and more buttery than the BYS shadows which have a more powdery texture.

Now, is this a dupe? I wouldnt say it is a straight up dupe. Some shades are similar but not the entire palette. This is why i wouldnt call it a dupe. However, it is a good alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palette if you like these sort of shades or are not too keen to splurge for the Naked palette. I would definitely recommend both palettes!
The BYS  Nude Palette can be found here.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette can be found here.

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