The Hello Kitty x Colourpop Collab is on last call at $33.60 USD and Colourpop has just announced that it is going for good on Saturday so grab it while you still can!! Ill do more swatches of the liquid lipsticks in a few days but for now lets have a look at this adorable Hello Pretty Kit.

So this Kit has a really nice magnetic flap that holds the box shut and a good sized mirror. It would be more than suitable to bring with you when youre travelling.

Now to look at the actual contents! This Kit comes with 3 buttery eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 2 liquid lipsticks – 1 gloss and 1 matte. 👄

Lets look at the eyeshadows first….

These are the 3 eyeshadows that come with the Kit. The lid has a cute little colourpop x hello kitty imprint on it that i ABSOLUTELY love ❤️

Now for the shadows. Colourpop super shock shadows are known to be quite unique as they feel almost spongey soft to the touch. Personally ive never felt anything like this! These shadows are so soft and so buttery!

The first shade we’ll have a look at is called Juicy Apple🍎.

Ps: The names for these hello kitty products are so freaking cute!!!

Colourpop describes this shadow as a “glitter sheer finish soft gold topped with gold glitter” which i think is a very accurate description. This shadow is definitely on the sheerer side in terms of a shadow but has the prettiest glitter in it as you will be able to see in the swatches later below.

The next shadow we’re going to look at is called Bento box.

Colourpop describes this shadow as a ” pearlized finish true gunmetal” and i have to say i agree once again. This shade is such a beautiful dark gunmental grey sort of colour. It looks amazing on the lids and swatching it was very, very satisfying i must admit. It is such a beautiful shade.
Last but not least, the last shadow in this kit is called Sticker sheet and this is my favourite of the trio.

Colourpop describes this one as a “satin finish cool-toned taupe”. I personally feel lile its a little bit more of a chocolatey brown instead of a taupe. I love using this shade in the crease and it blends beautifully! I use this pretty much on an everyday basis.

This is what those shadows look like swatched. They’re not powdery at all. They are super buttery and so so SOFT. They are fairly pigmented as well and its easily buildable if you want it to be more pigmented.

Lets look at the two cheek products next.

These have the same consistency as the super shock shadows. Both really soft to the touch and extremely easy to blend.

The blush is called Fun with friends.

Colourpop describes this as a “pearlized finish vivacious mid-tone warm pink“. It can be a bit tricky to work with this depending on your skin tone. I find that on my skin tone sometimes it might be abit too pigmented and so you really need to use a light hand with this blush to avoid that.

The highlighter is called Yummy cookies.

Colourpop describes this highlighter as a “pearlized light peach with a flip of silver“. This highlight isnt sold seperately and i bought the whole kit again just for a backup of this highlighter. Thats how much i love this!! Its my go to highlighter and gives off a lovely glowy sheen to the cheeks! Ive almost hit pan on mine!

As you can see from the swatches, they are super soft and smooth. Not chunky at all and they applied so smoothly on my arm when i was swatching so you can only imagine how lovely they would look on your cheeks!!

Last but not least, the liquid lips.

Lets start with my favourite, the matte red lip, Ribbon. If you are in a Colourpop community / facebook page or some sort like I am, you have probably heard of this shade numerous times! People LOVE this shade. It is the perfect red. Its not a vampy dark red but not a light red either. Its a very sophisticated colour. The only thing with this colour is that usually with Colourpop matte liquid lips they do not transfer but this on does. Nevertheless, its such a pretty shade that everyone, including me, still wear this anyways!

Last but not least, the gloss is named KT. I personally dont see myself wearing this gloss by itself as it is quite sheer and doesnt provide much colour to the lips. I think it would make an amazing topper to a matte lipstick though!

These feel nice on the lips.. Ribbon does not feel dry on the lips at all and KT isnt stickt or goopy on the lips either. Both feel very nice on the lips.

I hope you have enjoyed this review on the Hello Pretty Kit!

This kit can be found here.

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