I need to do more skincare posts! I’ve been so in love with my makeup swatches and stuff I totally forgot about skincare! 😱

Firstly, can we talk about how cute this set is? Tony Moly products are always in super cute packaging!! The tomatox and appletox masks I reviewed last time were in cute packaging as well. If you haven’t read those click here for tomatox and here for appletox.

I like how their design is so unique and I love that you can repurpose these and put stuff in them once you’re done with the masks!

Okay now onto the actual products. The products I have here today consists of a cooling eye stick, a brightening eye base, a hand cream, a magic cream and a sleeping mask.

Lets look at the two sticks first. First being this So Cool Eye Stick.❄️

I love the cooling eye stick. It claims to moisturise and cool down your under eyes to decrease puffiness and the appearance of tired eyes. It has bamboo extract in it which nourishes your under eye. Honestly i just love this product. It is so cooling to the touch i just bring it on the go with me. Whenever i feel like my under eyes are a bit puffy all i have to do it put this on.

I’m not sure how well this would work over makeup but i use this on my no makeup days. I especially use this when i travel or when im on planes as i feel a little bit groggy after awhile and this is a good pick me up! Makes me feel super fresh and awake 😍 It has sort of a balm like consistency and even though it appears blue, it applies transparent and you wont be able to see anything.

Next lets look at the Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base. ✨

It applies like a balm, not tough at all and is really easy to blend. Apparently you’re supposed to use this around your eye so that this really brightens your under eyes and give it a luminous look.

However, i think that your eyeshadow would really pop if you use this as a eyeshadow base since it leaves a sort of white cast on your lids. This eye base is a bit tacky which is really what you would want when using an eyeshadow base. That way your eyeshadow will actually stick to your lids well.

I like to call this trio the panda family. I mean the two sticks before are pandas too but these 3 are just so round and so cute!!

The baby and smallest of the trio is the Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream. 

This packaging would look so cute in your bag don’t you think?! It has bamboo extract in it again to moisturise and brighten your skin tone. Personally mine was not as creamy as i would like but it gets the job done.

With these panda products its quite sad really. To use all these products you have to sort of decapitate the panda 😭. I KNOW I KNOW ITS QUITE SAD. But c’mon its still cute either way!!

So this is what the hand cream looks like. To be honest i wasn’t a huge fan of the scent of this product. It is described to have a light fruity scent but in my opinion its fairly overpowering. I don’t mind fruity or floral scents but this does not smell fruity to me. I’d still use it though!

This is the consistency of the hand cream. As you can see, once i sort of blend it into my skin it becomes creamier and not as stiff to work with.

Next is Mama bear, the Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream. 

Yeah i know what you’re thinking. What sort of product is this?! What kind of name is that?! To be completely honest with you i’m not completely sure myself.

It has a whipped consistency and is quite thick. This one has a floral scent which i don’t mind too much.

Originally, i thought it could be used as a cream/ moisturiser for my nighttime skincare routine but it definitely leaves a really prominent white cast. It claims to brighten uneven skin but when using it all over the face i feel like it makes my skin look unnatural. Also, a little goes a long way with this product so don’t use too much! I read on a forum somewhere a girl used this under her eyes for her eye bags at night. I thought hey! That’s a great idea! So that’s what i use it for now 😅 I only apply a tiny tiny amount on each eye before i go to bed and when i wake up the next day my under eyes look much better! Also it helps with makeup application as i need less concealing. 😂

Last but not least is Papa bear!! Also known as Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack.

I like the scent of this the most. Has a floral scent yet again but i love it! Basically you apply this before you go to bed, after your skincare routine, and you wash it off when you wake up in the morning.

This sleeping pack claims to :

  • Effectively improves your complexion for brighter, healthier skin.
  • Balances out the skins natural hydration levels while also helping normalize the skins melanin production for a fairer and more even complexion.
  • Contains natural herb and fruit extracts that contains rich nutrients beneficial to the skin.
  • Be fast-absorbing and it effectively works in the skin while you sleep.

They claim you should be able to visibly see brighter, smoother and softer skin the very next morning!☀️
Seems like a pretty bold statement hey! But what can I say? I LOVE THIS MASK!

It is almost transparent on the skin and it feels so nice and moisturising when its on your face. Its very comfortable to sleep in. You can barely feel its there! It definitely helps improve my skin. I wouldn’t say I saw a huge difference in my skin but there definitely was a difference!

If you’re interested to purchase these products they can be found here:

So Cool Eye Stick

Brightening Eye Base

Hand Cream

White Magic Cream

Sleeping Pack

Alternatively, you can buy the whole set here!!

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