And here comes Part 2 of the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collab!! When i initially planned to do this I wasn’t expecting Colourpop to announce that they’re pulling the collection off their website on Saturday! 😢😢 So i rushed to finish this before then so if anyone wants to purchase them they still can.

Okay so there are 2 liquid lips included in the Hello Pretty Kit. These are the liquid lips that are sold seperately besides those two. If you havent read my review and swatches on the Hello Pretty Kit click here. So in total there were 10 liquid lips released in this collection, including those 2 in the kit.


The liquid lipsticks im going to talk about today consist of 3 glosses, 1 metallic, 2 mattes and 2 satins. The packaging of this is adorable. The lid has little bows engraved into it and the label on the tube itself is so elegant looking.

Lets look at the glosses first.


From top to bottom this is :

  • Trinkets
  • Arigato
  • Super Cute


These are sheer lip glosses. They do have a bit of pigment in them, Super Cute being the least pigmented. All 3 of them have glitter in them but nothing too overwhelming. I don’t mind it that much. I think it makes the lips look really nice. To be honest, I wouldn’t wear some of these shades on it’s own but to each their own. I would use it as a topper, especially Super Cute. These lip glosses are not sticky whatsoever. They all feel very comfortable on the lips. Ill upload lip swatches of all the liquid lips at the end of this post.

Next lets look at the one metallic lip.


This shade is called :

  • Surprise


If this looks familiar, that’s because i already uploaded swatches and reviewed this on my Colourpop metallics review here. I love this colour. Its such a pretty red metallic shade. This has a bit of a mousey lip cream sort of consistency compared to the typical liquid lipstick consistency. Its super pigmented and not at all sheer.

Next, the mattes.


From top to bottom these shades are:

  • Mimmy
  • Milk Bottle


These matte liquid lipsticks are quite pigmented as you can see. It dries matte pretty quickly so you wont have to sit around forever and wait for it to dry like some other matte liquid lips. I have read a few comments that Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks are drying. I personally dont find any of my matte liquid lipsticks dry. What i do before applying the liquid lipstick is: I exfoliate my lips, either apply lip balm or their lippie primer then apply matte liquid lipstick. However, i have read that people say you can put a few drops of some sort of oil that doesn’t solidify at room temperature into the tube itself and it helps with the drying issue.

Last but not least lets look at the satin lipsticks.


These shades are called:

  • Lock Diary
  • Tiny Chum


These liquid lipsticks feel so soft on the lips. The satin formula from Colourpop is a popular favourite due to how comfortable they feel one the lips. Tiny Chum is a very pretty nude colour and I know nudes are very in trend at the moment. That shade seems to be very popular along with Ribbon from the Hello Pretty Kit.

Now for the best part. Lip swatches!!


So that is how these liquid  lipsticks look on my lips. They are all such beautiful shades. I feel like I keep posting about Colourpop products but honestly I own so many Colourpop products that it makes up a bulk of my makeup collection so anticipate more Colourpop in the future.

These liquid lipsticks can be found here.








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