I LOVE neutral eyeshadows. I think you can wear them for formal occasions or wear them as everyday shades. This palette provides you with 3 different look options that can be done in 3 minutes according to too faced!


I love the options in this palette. They give you options for a day time look, a classic look and a fashion look.

First lets have a look at the packaging!

How pretty does it look?! It has a tin packaging that has a magnet to hold the palette closed. It has a sort of vintage/girly design on the outside that I like! At first i wasn’t too sure about the vintage feel to these but I have definitely grown to love it!


Now lets look at the individual rows.


The first row is the “Day” row. These shades are really pigmented and soft. This applies for all the shadows in the palette really! These 3 shades are all matte shades.


The second row is called “Classic“. This row consists of all shimmery shades. These shadows definitely gives more of a formal vibe. I would wear the “Day” row everyday but the “Classic” and “Fashion” row i would only use for formal occasions or a night out. These eyeshadows are pigmented as well!


The last row is the “Fashion” row. The only matte shade in this row is Nudie. The rest are shimmery shades. Chocolate Martini and Erotica from the “Classic” row both have what seems like chunkier glitter compared to the other shimmery shades.


I’m more of a light/medium skin tone so I decided to ask my friend whos a medium/tan skintone to swatch some of these shadows as well so you can see the difference in both skin tones!

All the shadows in this palette are so buttery soft and so pigmented! They were super easy to swatch. The eyeshadow palette came with this little card that gives you tips and recommendations as to how to wear these shadows if you’re new to eye makeup which I think is really helpful for beginners!


All in all I would definitely recommend this palette! Its easy to use, pigment on these shadows are amazing and I think its great for creating different looks.

This palette is available here.

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