This will be Part 1 of my Papa Recipe Mask review series. Today I am going to review and give you my opinion on the Bombee Black Honey Mask Pack!


I love the black box the masks come in! Black is pretty much my favourite colour so that’s a definite yes from me! There are 10 masks in a box and you can only use each mask once. The honey pot in the front of the box makes it look so cutee!!! It just reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and Winnie the Pooh is cute soo.. 😂 The only thing I’m really confused about is… WHY IS THERE A MONKEY HAPPILY HUGGING THE POT?! Is there something I don’t know about? Do monkeys secretly like honey? I would expect it to be a bear or something but is there something about monkeys I don’t know about?!


I know what you’re thinking…. What a creepy mask!! My boyfriend saw me taking photos for this post and he told me he thought it was creepy too. Every time i wear this mask I always make an announcement to the entire household that I’m about to put this mask on so that if they see me they won’t get the shock of their life. This mask claims to richly moisturise and nourish your skin and give it a honey-like gloss. It contains propolis and manuka honey extracts which help make your skin stay moist and resilient.


I usually put masks on at night. Its a great way to pamper yourself before you go to sleep! They recommend to put it on for 20-30 mins and to tap in the excess. I usually put this mask on after I’ve cleansed and toned my face. In my previous sheet mask post I’ve explained why it’s so important to keep the mask on for the allocate time and not more. I know many of you will think that if there’s product left on the mask you’re going to use it till it gets dry.  However, if you do that the product wont be able to seep into your skin and it will end up going back into the mask and drying off instead! So I usually just take the excess on the sheet and rub it over my body instead.

I tried to take a before and after photo but it was so hard to show you guys how glossy my face looked after I put on this mask!! It definitely does what it says. It doesn’t whiten my redness or anything like that but it definitely gave my skin a little bit of a healthy gloss effect. My skin felt so nice after that and it did moisturise my skin as well. This mask doesn’t have a strong scent and I love it!!


I would definitely recommend you give this mask a shot! As you can see.. I think mini winnie the pooh would make a better mascot for this product. 😝

The mask can be found here.

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