Colourpop has been recently releasing these new face palettes! As of now I think they have released 4 and Im going to swatch them all today. The first one was released during the Alexis Ren x Colourpop collab and the rest were released during their Spring phases.

So lets start with their first ever face palette, the Topaz palette.

This is how the packaging looks. A very sleek looking black sleeve and the palette inside has exactly the same design on it.

This palette comes with a bronzer and a highlighter. I think this palette would suit medium-deep skintones better as i feel like these are a little bit dark for fairer skintones.

The bronzer is called ” golden moment” and “she’s here to stay”. 

Colourpop highlighters never fail to amaze me. They are so beautiful on the skin and are pretty much my holy grail highlighters!!  😍😍 Some people have said the bronzer looks orangey in swatches but on the face it looks really nice!

Phase 1 of Colourpops spring collection was the Nectar Collection. The nectar collection consists of liquid lipstick etc as well which I will definitely swatch at a later date. 😁 The nectar collection consists of peachy/ orangey shades which I am LOVING at the moment.

The face palette for this collection is called the knockout palette.

The next 3 face palettes are slightly different from the Alexis Ren palette in terms of packaging. These sleeves consist of the design whereas the actual palette looks the same which to be honest, Im not a real fan of. I rather them be labelled specifically to avoid confusion.

This palette again consists of a peachy/ orangey blush and a highlighter.

The blush is called ” excuse my french” and the highlighter is called ” like to watch” .

The lighting makes these 2 pictures look slightly different but I assure you its the same palette. Im really into peachy shades lately. Peach lips, blush and eyeshadow. The whole monochrome look. I just bought the too faced peach palette which im so excited to swatch!! I absolutely love the shades in this palette.

The second phase was the Pink Collection. Again, I have plans to swatch the liquid lipsticks another day. This collection, as the name suggests, consists of pink products.

This palette is called done deal.

Again, the sleeve is the only one that has the nice design to it.

This palette comes again with a nice pink blush and a highlighter.

The blush is called ” above and beyond” and the highlightwr is called ” make me do it”. 

For people who love pinky blushes and highlighter, this is absolutely beautiful. I do recommend using a light hand with this blush though as it is so pink and so pigmented! You have to be careful not to go overboard with this blush.

Last but not least, Colourpop released their third phase which was the Sand Collection. This phase consists of browney nudes.

The palette for this collection is called double play and is quite similar to the Alexis Ren face palette.

However, instead of a bronzer it comes with a blush and a highlighter.

Same packaging as the previous face palettes from the spring release.

The blush is called ” Getting Handsy” and the highlighter is called ” padded down”.

As you can see the bronzer and highlighter isnt as dark. They look very similar but they are slightly slightly different. The bronzer is a little bit peachier and the highlighter is also lighter in this palette.

This is a comparison of all the four palettes. The pigmentation is amazing and if you love colours like these I would definitely encourage you to check these face palettes out!

These face palettes are available here.

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