Colourpop released their Spring collection in 3 phases. The first phase being the nectar phase followed by the pink and sand collection.

Ill swatch these items individually and give you my thoughts on them! 😁

So this is the face palette that comes in the nectar collection. I have a full review as well of swatches of the other face palettes here. This face palette comes with a lovely peachy highlight and a peachy blush.

Now lets look at the liquid lipsticks released during this collection!

So there was 1 matte lip released during this collection along with 3 satin liquid lips.

From top to bottom these shades are: The Twirl, Jacquard, Likely and Exaggerated.

These shades are described on the colourpop website as:

The Twirl – Pinky Coral. (MATTE)

Jacquard – True Coral.

Likely – Soft peachy nude.

Exaggerated – True peach

I love these shades. Tbh some of these spring collection liquid lipsticks are a little bit streaky but if you build them up I try to make them work.

Last but not least is the blush called Drop of a Hat.

This blush is so so pretty. Colourpop claims its a pearlized peach with a gold sheen. Its definitely a pretty shimmery peachy blush and I love it!! The pigmentation is amazing as well.

This collection can be found here.

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