I’ve had this palette since Christmas and I’ve only ever opened it to bask in its luxuriousness. I finally decided to swatch it this week and I’ll show you what i thought of it!


I like the design on the packaging. The gold and white makes it look so fancy! The packaging is also really sturdy which I appreciate incase I were to bring it travelling with me.


This palette consists of 3 beautiful blushes and 2 shimmering skin perfectors.

To  be completely honest I wasn’t too blown away by the blush shades. I’ve never tried the highlighters before but I’ve heard amazing things about them so i was very excited to finally get my hands on not one, but two of them!


From left to right these blushes are: Rose Spritz, Amaretto and Pamplemousse.


Rose Spritz is described as a luminous blush whereas the other two are mineral blushes. These blushes dont amaze me when i look at the pans themselves but swatching them was a whole new level. They were so beautiful on the skin! For my skintone personally I’m not sure if i can pull off Amaretto but the other two are totally up my ally! They are pigmented and glide on the skin beautifully.


The highlighters in this palette are Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop.

These definitely live up to the hype! These powders are very finely milled so theres no huge chunks of glitter or anything like that. The glitter is very fine and these would look amazing on the cheeks!!


All in all i would definitely recommend you try this palette if you have been wanting to try some BECCA products for awhile.

This palette is available here.

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