These body shop blushes were my first love💖, probably one of the first blushes ive tried and i was obsessed. I collected a fair few back then and thought i would swatch them and review them for you lovely people!

First and foremost, they do not have a tonne of shades to choose from but i believe there should be shade out there for everyone.

Body shop claims that it includes vitamin E and marula oil which makes it makeup and skincare in one!😱


The blush itself is not super pigmented but is buildable. It does kick up some fine powder but nothing that is too bad. Out of the 5 that i own, 02 and 03 have a little bit of glitter in them but it is very subtle and not noticeable in photos at all!😄

The packaging for this product is super duper cute and the blush looks amazing on the cheeks. The staying power of these babies are also unbelievable!

Be sure to check them out here.




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Makeup, Skincare, Lifetsyle.

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